The perils of Skype media interviews

Skype interviews are everywhere. Suddenly so popular that media training manuals and courses are being re-written to include segments on how to get them right (ours included). Here’s the Wordsmith guide to getting it right.

Failed to plan? Plan to fail…

So the saying goes. And it’s particularly true in PR. When you are running a growing business and every employee is busy with their day jobs it can be hard to see how time can be found for any PR, let alone PR planning.

Change your words, change your outcome…

I am not often moved to recommend viral videos but this one says something about communication that is very true and extremely important.

Typos: undermining great communication opportunities since 1450

Ah, typographical errors…often so tough to spot in the proof reading process, leap off of the page as soon as they appear in print – spoiling the impact of any carefully-honed piece of communication. I could write a lovely long blog post on the importance of always checking proofs closely before sending anything to the […]

Who’s next for the gaffe Hall of Fame?

Every year at least one previously well-respected major brand takes an almighty tumble in the reputation stakes. More often than not the crisis comes about because of a product or service problem, accident or even the persistent poor handling of some relatively minor issue until it has spiralled into a much bigger one.

Managing risk to protect your reputation

A great reputation is a hard-won and highly-valuable commercial asset, underpinning opportunities for growth.  A poor reputation, on the other hand, always wounds and sometimes even major brands cannot survive the damage it causes.

How often do your audiences want to hear from you?

As US journalist Sydney Harris, who died in 1986, once said “The two words information and communication are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.” 

Is your reputation adding value – or costing you business?

Trust in business leaders continues to be at a low ebb as the tough economic climate continues, with only the likes of politicians and journalists having a tougher time convincing people of their veracity!