Engaging, involving and packed full of fun and informative content, Wordsmith Communication’s training courses and workshops are designed to help businesses and leaders become confident, expert communicators.

Wordsmith Communication regularly runs both open training courses and bespoke workshops for clients, tailored to their particular organisational needs. Many of our courses can also be adapted into a series of one-to-one coaching sessions for senior leaders and business owners.

2016 Training Courses

Media Training

This course is designed for those who work with the media, particularly anyone who may need to give an interview or on-the-record comment. Designed to be as realistic as possible the session covers all of the important theory points and tips; but it is mostly a practical day, providing plenty of interview experience in print, TV and radio interview techniques a variety of scenarios (studio, down the line, outside broadcast etc.).

Crisis Communications and Business Recovery

This course covers how to establish the potential reputation risks associated with your particular business and organisation; how to plan robust PR responses and processes; the typical chronology of a crisis; what your audiences will need from you – and the specific needs of the 24 hour news media.  it also considers the implications of rebuilding the business reputation following an incident.

Crisis Communications Simulation Exercise

Building on the Crisis Communications course, this session takes you and your team through a simulated crisis to test your plan and key spokespeople. This can be done as a table-top exercise or can involve simulated incidents, press conferences and media interviews to help make the experience as realistic as possible.

Leadership Communications

Bringing out your natural strengths as a communicator, this session is designed to help you maximise both your own personal reputation and that of your business, including developing your leadership communication style in front of employees, the media and on stage.

Internal Communications

Your employees are your greatest asset and your finest ambassadors. However loyalty and motivation must be earned and central to achieving this is good communication. Make sure you are engaging and motivating your employees  through smart, timely, robust and honest communication channels – and inspiring them through your leadership style. A practical course, this session is tailored to participant businesses to ensure the communication channels and activities that we recommend are appropriate to business size, style and operational requirements.

Change Communications

In the current climate, change is inevitable. For some employees change is exciting, whilst for others it can be unsettling – perhaps frightening – even if they are not directly affected. Change may also mean that some of your team will be leaving the business. This course looks at ways to support and communicate with a workforce during change, supporting those who may be leaving the business and retaining the motivation and support of those who remain.

Social Media

Social media is now a core communications channels for almost every kind of business. For those considering adding social media to their business communication activities this course provides the ideal starting point. Considering issues such as how to build your audience and what sort of content will be compelling and right for your business – as well as practical tips on creating your social media identity – you will leave this session set up and ready to go!

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